About PIP

Protective Industrial Polymers is a unique company devoted to providing concrete protection system solutions for today’s industrial marketplace. From initial project consultation to product manufacture to superb installation support, you can be assured Protective Industrial Polymers will provide the highest level of consultative expertise with each project.

PIP offers a robust polymer flooring system range designed to meet the most stringent demands of various industries. These products, combined with years of R & D knowledge, consulting and contracting experience, are the cornerstone of what PIP brings to the table everyday – on every project.

PIP manufactures complete flooring systems for the heavy manufacturing, commercial, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech markets, with a keen focus toward ESD control, ignition control and antimicrobial solutions for today’s high-tech industries. PIP also offers unique niche market flooring solutions for unique markets including aviation, veterinary, medical, restaurant and brewing operations, as well as many others.



Protective Industrial Polymers is a consultative manufacturer providing concrete protection systems to the industrial marketplace through its network of contractor partners to satisfy end user performance requirements