About PIP

Protective Industrial Polymers, also known as PIP, is a unique company that provides concrete protection system solutions for the industrial marketplace. At PIP, we think the best way to understand your needs and expectations is through consultation. Our staff personally talks with you about your preferences and past experiences. This enables us to fully comprehend your circumstances and make sure we don’t make the same mistakes. With a comprehensive range of services, our commitment is to deliver the highest level of consultative expertise throughout each project until completion.

Our ability to offer recommendations that are free of bias is what makes us unique. Being a consultative manufacturer, our talents and skill sets do not have limits.

Our extensive experience in the industrial flooring field is apparent in the exceptional quality of our flooring solutions. We are dedicated to identifying the most effective and customized approaches to meet various flooring needs. By choosing Protective Industrial Polymers, you gain a dedicated team that consistently goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Choosing PIP means you will gain a new level of protection and safety for your floors, walls and tanks.

Protective Industrial Polymers offers a diverse portfolio of robust polymer flooring systems designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industries. Our extensive expertise in research and development, consulting and contracting capabilities backs our quality flooring. With our trusted team, which possesses a wealth of knowledge, you get superior quality through every step of the process. So, have peace of mind in partnering with a premier company that wholeheartedly committed to fulfilling your industrial floor requirements.

We manufacture comprehensive flooring systems tailored for heavy manufacturing, commercial, food and beverage, as well as the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. We place a high priority on addressing specific challenges, too, such as ESD control and antimicrobial solutions, to meet the evolving needs of today. Additionally, Protective Industrial Polymers offers distinctive flooring solutions for niche markets, including aviation, veterinary, medical, restaurant and brewing operations.

At Protective Industrial Polymers, our resinous flooring and concrete protection systems perfectly align with the diverse requirements of numerous industries. Contact us today for more information.



Protective Industrial Polymers is a consultative manufacturer providing concrete protection systems to the industrial marketplace through its network of contractor partners to satisfy end user performance requirements