The World Deep Beneath Your Floors & Walls

Concrete, by its very nature, is a porous material that retains and transmits moisture. Concrete substrates are full of dark, damp crevices and capillaries that make it an ideal breeding ground for a number of microbes, including bacteria, fungi and various molds and spores.

For medicinal horticulture and grow processes, this scenario can pose a serious hygienic risk affecting your reputation and bottom line.

Many cleaning and sanitization methods can aid in preventing the growth of microbes at the floor or wall surface level. However, normal or aggressive wear from foot and equipment traffic, abrasion loads, hot water wash downs and abrasive chemical cleaning can cause floor or wall surface damage. Wear, chips, spalls and cracks in your floors and walls are a perfect breeding ground for dangerous microbes. And because common cleaning/washdown techniques cannot penetrate deep into these areas, bacteria can live for extended periods and pose potential health threats. So, how does one achieve a redundant antimicrobial system that can address these concerns?

Achieving Deep Substrate Antimicrobial Protection
A thin-film floor or wall coating modified with an antimicrobial agent or surface treatment is simply not enough. The key to achieving comprehensive antimicrobial protection is to prevent the growth of microorganisms throughout the floor or wall system and deep within the concrete substrate.

All Protective Industrial Polymers’ HortiCoat Antimicrobial Floor and Wall Systems utilize an antimicrobial concrete pretreatment (Protect AM-PT/Protect AM-PT-BW) that penetrates beneath the coating system and deep within the concrete substrate. This pretreatment was developed for use where microbe or fungal growth concerns create the need to permanently hydrostatically seal the slab from within. This product penetrates deep into the concrete slab and forms an aqueous, antimicrobial gel. Subsequent antimicrobial joint fillers, coatings and overlays then complete the system.

HortiCoat Flooring Systems

HortiCoat UC

Antimicrobial Shock-Resistant Urethane Concrete System
A high-performance, shock-resistant urethane concrete mortar system designed for use in areas requiring durability, impact resistance and resistance to chemical and thermal-shock. Areas of use include process and storage areas subject to hot and color water wash downs.

HortiCoat MT

Antimicrobial Heavy-Duty Epoxy Mortar System
An antimicrobial mortar system designed for use in areas requiring extreme durability, impact and abrasion resistance. Areas of use include aisle ways, warehousing and loading areas.

HortiCoat TB

Antimicrobial Thick-Build Coating System
A high-performance antimicrobial coating system formulated for use in areas such as production and packing rooms, walkways and laboratories where overall chemical resistance and light-reflectance are a requirement.

HortiCoat Wall System

HortiCoat FlexWall

Antimicrobial Flexible Wall System
A high-performance, antimicrobial, flexible wall system suited for process or packaging areas where general chemical, impact and thermal-shock resistance are a performance requirement.