InhibiStat for Manufacturing Processes

Electronics assembly and manufacturing facilities must establish and adhere to rigorous electrostatic discharge (ESD) control programs. These programs are essential to ensure low product scrap rates, minimize failure and meet customer requirements. As ESD-related specifications and guidelines become increasingly stringent, the need for a comprehensive ESD control program has never been more critical. Protective Industrial Polymers can integrate advanced ESD technology into any Protect-Series flooring system, providing unparalleled protection.

The facility floor plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of a robust ESD control program. Protective Industrial Polymers has developed a comprehensive range of ESD industrial flooring that meets and exceeds current performance standards. These particulate-based systems offer superior and consistent performance compared to traditional ESD coatings, carpets and tiles. By integrating state-of-the-art ESD technology into the chemistry of these coatings, we ensure a more comprehensive and reliable protection against ESD risks throughout the entire thickness of the coating, eliminating hot or dead spots.

InhibiStat for Ignition-Control and Plant Safety

Facilities dealing with explosive dust or flammable solvent vapors during dry milling, chemical manufacturing and storage processes must prioritize ignition control and plant safety. Strict safety programs compliant with local, state and federal guidelines, such as those outlined by OSHA and NFPA, are essential to mitigate ignition sparking or explosion hazards.


Flammable and combustible liquids and dust can pose significant risks when exposed to air. When vaporized, they can form flammable mixtures with oxygen, which can ignite within specific fuel-to-air ratios. They must be within the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) and the Upper Explosive Limit (UEL). The difference between flammable and combustible liquids lies in the ignition temperatures of their vapors, with flammable liquids igniting at lower temperatures than combustible liquids.


There can be hidden dangers that can cause severe damage to electronic equipment, fires and even explosions. Triboelectric events, resulting from the movement of people, equipment and materials, generate electric fields that can create ionized conductive channels in the air, leading to sparks. These sparks can be detrimental, mainly when the air contains combustible liquids or dust particles. Even the simple act of a worker walking across a floor can generate an ESD event, potentially reaching over 30,000 volts, which is more than enough to activate an ignition source. Implementing proper ESD technology is crucial in preventing such occurrences.


InhibiStat, an advanced ESD floor, is vital in comprehensive ignition-control safety programs. It ensures a floor free from mechanical sparking properties. With its integrated ESD technology, InhibiStat provides an electrically active surface that effectively dissipates built-up static electricity from personnel and equipment, directing it through the floor and safely grounding it. InhibiStat delivers unmatched performance and peace of mind by leveraging the latest ESD technology advancements.

As you can see, integrating quality ESD technology into our flooring solutions ensures maximum protection against electrostatic discharge risks, providing a safer environment for manufacturing facilities

InhibiStat ESD-Control Technology Can Be Added to Any Protect-Series Flooring System!



Floor Coating Systems



Broadcast Flooring Systems


Slurry Flooring Systems



Mortar Flooring Systems

Key InhibiStat Features:

      • Precise performance ranges allow for complete integration into any ESD-Control program
      • PIP issues a Certificate of ESD Compliance for custom requirements
      • Utilizes particulate technology embedded in a wide array of polymers
      • Available in surface resistance ranges above or below 1 million ohms
      • Maintains ESD properties throughout the thickness of the applied coating
      • Conductive systems available without the use of a ground plane
      • Not dependent on humidity for proper conductivity (unlike carbon fiber systems)
      • Complies with VOC regulations for Industrial Maintenance Coatings in the OTC and CA
      • Complies with all ANSI 2020 revisions
      • Exceeds flooring and footwear in combination with a person requirements (ESD STM 97.1)
      • Body Voltage Generation (BVG) below 15 volts with conductive footwear (ESD STM 97.2)
      • Dissipates a 5000 volt charge to 0 volts in less than 0.1 seconds