Power generation, pulp and paper, waste treatment, electronics, food and pharmaceutical facilities are just a few of the industrial markets that require corrosion-control coating & lining protection. In fact, Corrosion-control coatings and linings are required in nearly every area of industry throughout the world.

Protective Industrial Polymers’ Proline Vinyl Ester Coating & Containment Systems have been designed to provide superior corrosion-control protection for multiple industrial applications. From high-performance vinyl ester floor coatings and toppings, to reinforced lining systems and containment coating systems, the Proline product line has got you covered.

Mica Flake-Reinforced Coating & Lining Systems

Protect CT-500pro

High-Performance Floor Coating SystemTexture: T22

ct500System Description:
This system consists of an epoxy primer, followed by a high-build epoxy basecoat. The system then receives a topcoat of aliphatic urethane enhanced with GlossGrip Safety, Gloss and Wear Additive. This low-odor coating system can be pigmented in a variety of colors, and features excellent impact and abrasion resistance. Suited for use in general traffic areas where aesthetics and cleanability are a requirement.

Download:  System Overview, Technical Data Sheets (TDS), Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Architectural Specification