Polymer Flooring Solutions

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The Industry Leader
in ESD-Control
Flooring Technology

Static-control flooring solutions that meet
and exceed current performance standards

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Validated Antimicrobial
Floor & Wall Solutions

Keeping your floors and walls sanitary
and free of health risks is essential

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Aviation / Aerospace
Floor Systems

HangarSpec Systems are developed to withstand
even the highest degree of aviation-related wear and tear

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Crafting a Better
Brewery Floor

Urethane cements and epoxy flooring systems
are ideal materials for brewery floors.

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Our Industrial Flooring Self Assessment will change the way you think about flooring needs.

Why Take PIP’s Industrial Flooring Assessment

Protective Industrial Polymers (or PIP) is a unique company devoted to providing concrete protection system solutions for today’s industrial flooring. We support the entire part of your flooring project, such as initial project consultation, product manufacturing and installation. You can always be assured that Protective Industrial Polymers will provide you with the highest level of expertise for every project until completion. As a consultative manufacturer, we are not limited to our own capabilities.

At PIP, we believe in a consultative approach to understanding your unique needs and requirements. Our team comes in early to have a proactive discussion about your past experiences, likes, dislikes and goals. This allows us to comprehensively understand your situation and provide you with the best possible experience. We have dedicated professionals whose sole role is to understand our customers’ requirements in order to cut down on some of the mistakes and stress that come with making decisions through urgency.

Our experience in industrial flooring combined with our high-quality product will take your facility to the next level. We are truly committed to finding the best solutions for all your industrial flooring needs, which is why we say, “One size does not fit all.” With Protective Industrial Polymers, you will find a team that is dedicated to going above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Protective Industrial Polymers offers a robust range of polymer industrial flooring systems designed to meet the most stringent demands of various industries. These products, combined with our years of research and development knowledge, consulting and contracting experience, form the cornerstone of what Protective Industrial Polymers brings to the table every day and on every project. Our trusted team brings the best quality experience and understanding. As a result, you can be assured that when choosing Protective Industrial Polymers, you will fulfill your industrial flooring needs.

Protective Industrial Polymers manufactures complete industrial flooring systems for manufacturing, commercial, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical and biotech markets, with a keen focus on ESD flooring control, ignition control and antimicrobial flooring solutions for today’s high-tech industries. Protective Industrial Polymers also offers industrial flooring solutions for individual markets, including aviation, veterinary, medical, restaurant, brewing operations, etc. What sets us apart is our ability to provide unbiased recommendations. As a consultative manufacturer, we are not limited by our own capabilities or skill sets. This thorough analysis, combined with an understanding of your risk tolerance and capital spending strategies, allows us to then apply the two pieces of the puzzle to really make a good recommendation.

Protective Industrial Polymers provide safety and long-lasting durability for your facility’s floors. Taking the Protective Industrial Polymers flooring assessment lets you discover the perfect solution to align with your unique flooring requirements. After all, our industrial flooring and concrete protection systems are an ideal match for many industries and specifications.