Do Your Floors Play a Role in the Chain of Transmission?

Flooring surfaces can contribute to spreading or preventing germs and contaminants within various environments. Therefore, it is essential to implement effective antimicrobial or antibacterial flooring solutions to mitigate the risk of transmission and promote a cleaner, safer space. The above brochure is available for download. “Do Your Floors Play a Role in the Chain of Transmission” will shed light on the significance of flooring choices in maintaining hygienic environments and preventing the spread of harmful pathogens.

InhibiCrobe Antimicrobial Floor Systems 

As hazardous germs are constantly being disrupted and their growth inhibited, InhibiCrobe antimicrobial floor systems work at the cellular level to protect surfaces against viruses effectively. This ensures that your industrial flooring maintains its aesthetic appeal and remains clean and safe. To gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of antibacterial flooring, we invite you to download the brochure titled “Do Your Floors Play a Role in the Chain of Transmission” mentioned above. This comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights into how Protective Industrial Polymers can successfully implement antimicrobial floor solutions.

Antimicrobial Additive doesn’t equal Antimicrobial Surface

The mere presence of an antimicrobial additive in a solution does not guarantee the effectiveness of the final product in preventing microbial growth. However, Protective Industrial Polymers’ InhibiCrobe technology has undergone independent testing and verification as a finished flooring system, proving its efficacy as an antimicrobial surface. With our commitment to providing high-quality antimicrobial surfaces, you can trust in the effectiveness of InhibiCrobe in defending against viruses.

Validated Solutions Help Reduce Risk Exposure


Existing Flooring 

There are InhibiCrobe options for practically any hard surface. These lab-tested antibacterial floor options can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on your flooring. Therefore, you can transform any of the following:

  • Tile
  • Terrazzo
  • Concrete Treatments
  • Polymer
  • Wood
  • Concrete

Concrete Treatments

InhibiCrobe solutions are available in Protective Industrial Polymers’ concrete treatment and densification systems. Make sure to ask us about the following: 

  • CD Series – Concrete Desnifiers (Polishing/Dust Proofing)
  • VM Series – Vapor Mitigators

Flooring Systems

Our concrete treatment and densification systems include InhibiCrobe options, which include:

Wall Systems

Antimicrobial options are available for all Protective Industrial Polymers’ floor and even wall systems, ensuring comprehensive protection at your facility. These anti-bacterial surface options play a vital role in preventing the transmission of bacteria and fungus on facility floors. Like antibacterial flooring, wall systems also require effective antibacterial and antifungal solutions to maintain a hygienic environment.

We recognize this need and offer a diverse range of InhibiCrobe systems specifically designed for walls. These solutions are carefully formulated to provide long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy, promoting a clean and healthy environment for various industries and applications.

Whether it’s healthcare facilities, food processing areas, laboratories or other sensitive environments, Protective Industrial Polymers’ InhibiCrobe options for wall systems are designed to meet the highest standards of antimicrobial performance and contribute to a safer and more hygienic space.