Do Your Floors Play a Role in the Chain of Transmission?

Antibacterial and Antifungal = Antimicrobial Floor

As hazardous germs are continuously disrupted and their growth is inhibited, InhibiCrobe antimicrobial systems function at the cellular level to help defend surfaces against viruses.

Antimicrobial Additive doesn’t equal Antimicrobial Surface

Just because a solution contains an antimicrobial additive does not ensure the finished product is effective at preventing microbe growth. PIP’s InhibiCrobe technology has been independently tested and verified as a finished flooring system to be an effective antimicrobial surface.

Validated Solutions Help Reduce Risk Exposure


Existing Flooring 

There are InhibiCrobe options for practically any hard surface.

Transform the following:

Concrete Treatments

Concrete Treatments

InhibiCrobe solutions are available in PIP’s concrete treatment and densification systems.

    • CD Series – Concrete Desnifiers (Polishing/Dust Proofing)
    • VM Series – Vapor Mitigators

Flooring Systems

PIP’s concrete treatment and densification systems include InhibiCrobe options.

Wall Systems

There are InhibiCrobe options for all PIP wall systems. anti-bacterial surface