Protective Industrial Polymers’ HangarSpec line of Aviation-Grade Floor Coating Systems have been developed to withstand even the highest degree of aviation-related wear and tear. From superior impact resistance and compressive strength to aggressive wear and abrasion resistance, our flooring systems can take a beating and continue to perform for years to come. Dropped tools, heavy aircraft parts, heavy machine and forklift traffic are no challenge for HangarSpec flooring systems.

All HangarSpec floor coating systems can be enhanced with PIP’s proprietary Gloss-Grip Technology. This additive greatly enhances both the safety and wear characteristics of your floor coating system while retaining a slip-resistant, yet high-gloss, finish that is easy to clean and maintain. These systems not only exhibit longer service lives; they help you save money by reducing maintenance costs.

HangarSpec Aviation Floor Coating Systems

HangarSpec HB-3

High-Build Coating System
A three coat high-build coating system utilizing a moisture-tolerant primer and build coat that is top coated with either a high-performance aliphatic polyester urethane or a polyaspartic. This system produces a high-gloss, chemical-resistant, light-reflective surface and is recommended for re-coat and standard performance requirements in hangars or general aircraft maintenance areas.

HangarSpec HB-4

Premium High-Build Coating System
A four coat high-build coating system utilizing a moisture-tolerant primer and build coats with topcoat(s) of either a high-performance aliphatic urethane or a polyaspartic. This system features enhanced chemical-resistance, gloss and light-reflectance and is recommended for areas requiring reapplication after coating removal or hangars with extended performance requirements.

HangarSpec NCR

Chemical-Resistant Novalac Coating System
A high-build, chemical-resistant coating system utilizing a chemical-resistant epoxy primer and subsequent novalac topcoat(s). This system produces a highly chemical-resistant surface that is ideal for floor areas exposed to aggressive aviation chemicals or stripping operations.

HangarSpec CM-P

Cementitious Mortar With Polymer Topcoat(s)
A cement-based mortar/resurfacer system coated with a moisture-tolerant epoxy, then top coated with an aliphatic urethane. This system produces a durable, restored concrete substrate with a high-gloss, chemical-resistant, light-reflective surface profile that is ideal for hangars or reconditioned areas.

HangarSpec PB-M

Polymer-Based Mortar System
A high-performance polymer-based mortar/resurfacer system ranging from 3/16″ to 1/2″ in thickness. This system resurfaces old, damaged concrete with a new, stronger, more impact-resistant surface. This system produces a heavy-duty, wear-resistant surface that is ideal for aircraft production or maintenance areas subject to extreme conditions.

HangarSpec CR-ESD

Chemical-Resistant ESD-Control System
A five coat high-build ESD-Control coating system utilizing a moisture-tolerant primer and epoxy build coats top coated with a high-performance aliphatic polyester ESD-Control urethane. This system exhibits excellent chemical resistance and is ideal for aircraft instrument production areas, or any other area that require protection from static electricity combined with chemical-resistance.