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Regarding industrial flooring solutions, one size definitely does not fit all. The needs and requirements can vary drastically from one facility to the next. That’s why at Protective Industrial Polymers (PIP), we take an unbiased, consultative approach to truly understand each customer’s unique circumstances before recommending the ideal flooring system. 

We want to provide the best possible concrete protection systems for the industrial marketplace through our network of contractor partners. But this goal goes well beyond simply marketing things; it is a way of thinking and an approach of evaluating options side by side to find the ideal solution without bias. 

What is consultative manufacturing? 

Consultative manufacturers act as trusted advisors. They take the time to truly understand each client’s unique processes, requirements and challenges through in-depth discussions. Rather than pushing set products, they consider all potential options. Then, they recommend tailored solutions for optimal performance and long-term value. This creates partnerships focused on achieving the customer’s goals, not just making a one-time sale. The consultative approach delivers custom systems that fit each customer’s needs perfectly. 

The PIP evaluation process 

Our approach begins with consultation and open communication. We prioritize personally discussing your goals, preferences, past experiences and challenges with industrial flooring. This allows us to understand your situation rather than make blind assumptions. 

From food and beverage production with safety protocols to chemical plant conditions and sensitive electronics manufacturing where electrostatic discharge is a major concern, we’ve worked across many different industries. This extensive experience gives us the experience needed to handle a variety of situations and to be able to help you accordingly. 

As a consultative manufacturer, PIP takes a unique approach that sets us apart in the industrial flooring industry. Rather than simply trying to sell particular products, PIP operates as a true consulting partner to thoroughly evaluate each client’s specific needs and find the perfect solution. This consultative, bias-free methodology allows PIP to function as a trusted advisor, developing plans for each customer’s unique circumstances. 

Expertise across all industries 

Our team’s expertise spans critical industries like heavy manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, aviation, commercial facilities and many others. We’ve tackled challenging environments like harsh chemical processing plants, static-controlled areas and facilities requiring antimicrobial protection. No application is too complex. 

This cross-industry experience prevents the type of blind spots that can occur when companies are too narrowly focused. We have insight into diverse materials like epoxy, urethane, ESD coatings and other solutions and know exactly how to install them. From heavy-duty industrial systems to decorative options and unique customizations. 


Our goal is to have a truly consultative partnership in which we investigate every option to find the best overall value for your flooring needs. We are not focused on any particular product or solution. Based on your unique circumstances, we have the expertise and flexibility to recommend the specific system that will provide what you need to be efficient. 

When you work with PIP, you get comprehensive support from a passionate team that is focused on finding the right bias-free fit. Reach out today and let’s get started! 

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