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Automotive Flooring Guide

Every car in your facility has been cleaned and polished until it shines, inspiring a potential buyer to take a closer look. But your cars aren’t the only thing customers are looking at…they are also looking at your flooring. They expect a clean and attractive atmosphere, which is why your automotive flooring should enhance your facility. Durability, slip-resistance, aesthetics and ease of maintenance are key features of any auto dealer floor.

When it comes to automotive flooring, it’s all about quality and performance. It’s the foundation of the dealer’s facility since it creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. But not every area of a dealership has the same requirements, which is why DealerSpec Flooring Systems have been designed to address the various areas of a typical auto dealership, including showrooms, write-up areas, service bays, comfort areas and more.

Your automotive flooring is an integral part of your facility because it supports an important part of your sales revenue. It’s a natural draw for people to view the latest vehicles available. Every step of the way you want customers to have a great experience, which is why your dealership floors can convey a feeling of professionalism throughout your facility.

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Choosing the best flooring system for your dealership is a detailed process. In addition to general wear and tear in your service bays, you want to consider the effects of high traffic, dropped tools and heavy equipment that come in contact with the floor. For showroom areas, aesthetics and safety also come into play when working to create a safe and pleasurable sales atmosphere. All of these factors should be considered when determining the appropriate flooring solutions to ensure beauty, durability and safety while maintaining long-lasting appeal.

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