Ignition-Control Anti Static ESD Flooring

ESD flooring serves as a conduit for a static charge to discharge to a desired controlled ground point. Protective Industrial Polymers’ (PIP) ESD flooring solutions help you to prevent unwanted static and spark generation which can potentially cause an explosion in flammable environments.

Anti static flooring helps minimize the chance of a person creating a static discharge through physical contact. Choosing quality ESD flooring for your facility is essential, both for employee safety and the quality of your sensitive electronic equipment.


InhibiSpark Flooring Systems

PIP’s InhibiSpark flooring systems provide a complete system solution designed to meet and exceed industry safety performance standards. Our accredited ESD Plant Auditing team will work with you to design and install ESD safe flooring.

InhibiStat Flooring Systems

PIP ESD systems deliver a continuous static dissipative or conductive surface throughout your facility, allowing you to have a controlled environment.

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