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Industrial Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

A polymer floor will look and perform its very best when cleaned properly throughout the year. And since your flooring is literally the foundation of your business, a degree of preventative maintenance is required to protect this investment. A sound industrial floor cleaning program that includes proper process, equipment and conscientious personnel awareness will result in an extended service life of your floor.

There can be many safety issues that arise when a floor is not properly cleaned and maintained, such as accidents from accumulated dust, debris and spills. Routine floor cleaning and maintenance helps minimize these accumulations and can extend the gloss and topcoat safety texture of your floor.

Floor cleaning and maintenance is also important for keeping your facility compliant with safety protocols. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide safe working conditions, preventing any dangers of an unclean floor. They require floors in work areas to be as clean as possible.

Your industrial flooring presents a message about your company to your workers and customers. By making sure it’s clean and safe, that message could be a positive one. When you upkeep a clean and safe working space, you can increase employee morale and productivity, not to mention a more professional appearance to customers and visitors.

Learn how to keep all your floors in peak condition by downloading Protective Industrial Polymer’s Industrial Floor Cleaning and Maintenance guide.  Developing and implementing a comprehensive cleaning plan is critical for maintaining durable and attractive flooring, and our guide will help you to keep your floor looking and performing its very best.

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