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A surface ground plane coating system provides the ultimate means of direct contact of the ESD floor to electrical ground. This is the most efficient transfer method because the entire top coating acts as its own ground plane. The most consistent and reliable ESD-control performance, combined with a vast array of color and decorative options, is now available to facilities.

The Proper Grounding of an ESD Floor Coating System

However, a trend has developed among ESD flooring manufacturers of advertising ESD floors that do not need to connect with a verified ground. This white paper will explain and hopefully lead you to understand that this marketing claim, although based on an “ESD truth”, is an “ESD myth”. Any type of ESD floor, whether carpet, tile, rubber or polymer-based coating, should be connected to a confirmed earth ground to perform as a functional, auditable part of an electrostatic protected area.

Protective Industrial Polymers’ white paper will provide an explanation on why and how ESD floors dissipate a charge and explain the industry standards for confirming and measuring the performance of the floor surface. Fact will be separated from “sales fluff” and “sales pitch”. The proper methodology for grounding an ESD floor surface is outlined in this paper.

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