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Hangar Flooring Project – Informational Kit

Choosing the best industrial flooring system for your airport construction or hangar is a detailed process. In addition to aviation and maintenance-related wear and tear, you want to consider the effects of high traffic, dropped tools and heavy equipment that come in contact with the floor. Abrasion from rolling aircraft and components, as well as chemicals such as aviation fuels and paint strippers, can be detrimental to the life of the floor. All of these factors should be considered when determining the appropriate flooring solution to ensure durability and safety while maintaining long-lasting appeal.

Above all, we know hangar operators want a slip-resistant, yet bright, glossy, and light-reflectant floor. That’s why we developed our proprietary GlossGrip floor texture. This finish texture provides slip-resistant finish that still produces a high-gloss that will keep your hangar bright and safe for pedestrian traffic. Additionally, our flooring systems can be enhanced to include ESD-control protection for critical areas where static-control is a requirement, such as avionics workstations or any other area where sensitive electronic components and controls are being repaired or maintained.

Protective Industrial Polymers’ HangarSpec Polymer Flooring Systems have been specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of daily hangar operations. We have hangar floor coating systems ranging from protective coatings for newly poured concrete to thick mortar resurfacers for old or badly-deteriorated concrete substrates. Hangar builders and designers continuously rely on HangarSpec flooring systems to provide a solid foundation for their aviation hangar projects.

Our HangarSpec Flooring Systems Informational Kit Includes:

  • HangarSpec Brochure
  • Detailed System Sheets for all HangarSpec Systems
  • Color and Finishes Guide
  • Detailed Architectural Specifications
  • Copy of Our HangarSpec Whitepaper
  • Hard Sample with GlossGrip Texture
  • HangarSpec Promotional Item(s)

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