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Airport Flooring

Aircraft hangars should have durable, high-gloss, light-reflective floor coatings to provide high visibility for all of your hangar and aircraft maintenance operations.  Additionally, your hangar floor should be easily cleanable and slip-resistant. Your clients, pilots, maintenance crew, administrative staff and suppliers will all benefit from a safe, well-lit environment.  Hangars have unique operating requirements and your floor should support all these needs.

Durable, Slip-Resistant, Reflective Hangar Floors

A polymer floor system can be designed to meet the specific needs of each area of your hangar operation. And, since the areas of a hanger can be very large, a liquid-applied floor is the best overall time and cost-effective option. It can help to provide an environment that promotes customer satisfaction and good worker morale.

Additionally, aircraft ground damage prevention is a critical component of your safety strategy. Any accident is a serious risk to human life and can also result in expensive damage to the aircraft. By using a pigmented epoxy traffic line product as part of your floor coating, you can have a longer lasting floor marking, helping you to improve the safety of your facility. The use of standard safety colors makes it simple to indicate proper traffic movement.

From protecting your concrete floor from wear, abrasion and chemical attacks to providing a beautiful light-reflectant floor, hangars require a consultative approach from a highly competent manufacturer/installation team. This type of approach will ensure a proper flooring system recommendation that is installed the right way the first time.

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