The Most Durable Flooring

Protective Industrial Polymers’ (PIP) abrasion resistant flooring can stand up to wear and tear caused by industrial processes and equipment. PIP does extensive performance testing to ensure we are providing the utmost quality and durability to our customers.

It is imperative that industrial floors hold up under the most demanding industrial conditions. When incorporating a 5S initiative or organizing production and assembly lines, long-lasting and durable flooring is crucial. It can be a safety risk if you don’t have durable floors, which is why PIP aims to offer superb flooring system options to withstand heavy traffic, chemical attack and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Our impact and abrasion-resistant, non-skid flooring systems are specifically designed to meet your unique performance requirements. They are formulated to perform in critical and heavy traffic areas. It’s inevitable, industrial floors are going to be exposed to extreme conditions, that’s why it’s important to choose a flooring manufacturer that knows durability, quality and performance.


InhibiWear Systems

You can either choose an inferior floor coating, or work with PIP to receive a complete flooring system solution, such as InhibiWear. From moderate-duty to extreme-wearing options, and everything in between, these flooring systems will continue to perform for years to come.

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