Safe Flooring for Your Industrial Facility

Non slip flooring isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, every detail of the facility should be planned out with safety standards in mind, including your flooring. Industrial facilities require specific flooring solutions to keep them safe. Protective Industrial Polymers (PIP) flooring solutions are packaged into six industrial systems while keeping safety top of mind.

Get your free anti slip flooring consultation. We will work with you to review your industry’s standards while providing you with expert guidance every step of the way.


DecoSpec – Safe Decorative Flooring

You can still have beautiful, slip resistant flooring in your facility by working with our team who will meet industry standards and your overall goals for the project. PIP’s decorative flooring systems are a safe flooring option as PIP manufacturers and installs based on your desired criteria.

InhibiChem – Safe Corrosion-Control Flooring

If you’re concerned about corrosion, the InhibiChem system can meet your needs while also providing safety. For power generation to pharmaceutical facilities, PIP will help you by looking at the standards you’re aiming to meet while providing you with the best anti slip flooring.

InhibiCrobe – Safe Antimicrobial Flooring

Food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical requires antimicrobial protection and the upmost safety. PIP’s flooring is a total antimicrobial flooring system that penetrates up to six inches deep. We make our flooring slip resistant so you can focus on getting the job done opposed to what’s going on with your floors.

InhibiSpark – Safe, Anti Flammable and Explosive Flooring

Some manufacturing facilities work with explosive dust and flammable solvent vapor. Therefore, they must develop and adhere to strict safety programs. Our anti slip floor coating and paint can help you create a safe facility. The InhibiSpark flooring system avoids ignition sparking and explosion hazard. While working with sensitive material, the last thing you want your workers to worry about is slipping on the floor.

InhibiStat – ESD-Control Safety Flooring

A manufacturer’s facility plays a vital role in the success of an ESD control program. With a full range of ESD floor coatings designed to meet those strict performance standards, PIP is helping you to make your facility a safer place for workers. As you work with our team, we will help you to create a facility that includes anti slip and ESD control flooring.

InhibiWear – Safe Heavy-Duty Flooring

PIP’s InhibiWear systems are designed to withstand the highest degree of wear. While they can take a beating, they continue to perform because of their high-performance foundation, which is made to be anti slip resistant.

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