Antimicrobial Flooring

Quality Sanitation for Your Facility

Protective Industrial Polymers (PIP) provides the highest quality and most comprehensive antimicrobial flooring systems available on the market today. Our InhibiCrobe polymer floor and wall systems are ideal for environments where microbe growth risk and sanitation is a concern. Concrete is porous and water can seep through the pores and crevices within the concrete slab, providing the ideal environment to support microbe growth. InhibiCrobe floor and wall systems are tested and validated solutions that support your HACCP or FSMA sanitation programs.

InhibiCrobe polymer floor and wall systems are perfect for those seeking:

  • Food & beverage manufacturing flooring
  • Hospital flooring
  • Restaurant kitchen flooring
  • Industrial kitchen flooring
  • Commercial restaurant flooring

Unlike other antimicrobial concrete coating systems, InhibiCrobe antimicrobial flooring systems are independently tested and will not support the growth of dangerous microorganisms, such as bacteria, molds, mildew and fungi. Additionally, the antimicrobial properties of our antimicrobial flooring will remain effective for the life of the flooring system.

InhibiCrobe Antimicrobial Flooring Systems – Protection Down to the Core

PIP makes it easy for you by providing a turnkey approach to protecting your concrete floors and walls. Our InhibiCrobe systems include an antimicrobial concrete pretreatment process that penetrates beneath the floor or wall coating system and deep within the concrete substrate. So, even if the concrete coating cracks or wears, your concrete is still protected to not support microbe growth. In essence, you are achieving multiple, dense layers of antimicrobial protection for your concrete floors and walls. You can learn more about the InhibiCrobe process by clicking on the video below.

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