Surface Ground Plane

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Utilizing a Surface Ground Plane ESD Floor In Your Operations

As electronic components become more advanced, electrostatic discharge (ESD) becomes a greater concern.  The frequent movement of people, carts, and equipment can easily lead to a buildup of static, which can cause electronic components to malfunction immediately or even years down the road. Experts agree that the best way to control ESD is from the ground up. That is why having the protection of a Surface Ground Plane ESD flooring system is essential.

ESD Control is More Difficult Today than Ever Before

Our Free white paper explains the important differences between various ESD flooring types and the effects it can have on a facility. The whitepaper also illustrates how Surface Ground Plane ESD flooring systems work, in conjunction with other ESD-control products, to minimize the amount of voltage produced within your electrostatic-protected area (EPA).

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