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Antimicrobial Polymer Floor & Wall Systems:
Validated Performance Technology


Utilizing Antimicrobial Polymer Flooring in Your Facility

As the requirements for food safety become more stringent, a more comprehensive control of microbe growth within your building envelope is essential.  Today, a preventative approach to stop all possible sources of contamination becomes critical for maintaining proper sanitation protocols.  And, it’s important for your floors and walls to be an effective part of your antimicrobial strategy.  This is why ‘Validated Performance Technology’ should be a crucial part of your sanitation program.

The FDA has recommended guidelines when it comes to concrete floor and wall coatings, but these guidelines are relatively vague, which is why you to need to work with someone who truly understands how to properly protect your building envelope. The FDA recommends that the floor must be designed to be easy to clean and maintain. It also recommends that there is protection against microbial, physical and chemical contamination.

In the past, it was harder to validate the performance of your facility’s flooring. However, the need to do so is extremely important in these FSMA-focused times, which is why there are floor and wall systems available that have been microbiologically tested to validate their performance.

Control of Harmful Microbes is a Constant Challenge

Our free e-guide explains the history of antimicrobial flooring and explains how today’s modern polymer floor and wall coating systems can make an important difference in your facility. The guide illustrates the importance of ‘Validated Performance Technology’ and how it makes your overall sanitation program much more effective.