5S Flooring Initiative

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The 5S methodology is an organizational method for the workplace that derived from Japan. This method, or organizational concept, promotes workplace organization, visual control and lean production. The 5S methodology revolves around 5 Japanese words: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke. The English equivalent of these words equal: sort, set in order (or stabilize), shine, standardize and sustain.

Many companies, especially manufacturing entities, have adopted this methodology in order to run a more efficient, lean operation. Expected results from a successful 5S program can include: increased workplace efficiency, increased safety, increased employee morale and profitability.

When implementing lean floor and lean visualization solutions, many factors can come into play and all facets of a business operation can be involved. Successful 5S programs are a long-term part of a company’s culture, not merely a passing fad.

A large part of 5S involves sorting, straightening and “shining up” a business operation. For industrial manufacturing facilities, this is often a difficult task. Manufacturing operations are typically large areas that are poorly lit, dirty, and lack organization. A 5S program works to mitigate this, transforming an industrial area into an organized, safe, and aesthetically-pleasing environment that stimulates employee morale.

An important factor that is often overlooked in many industrial facilities is the concrete floor. Learn how your 5S project and a new, customized polymer floor can effectively work together to increase productivity by eliminating waste, creating a bright environment and stimulating plant organization!

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