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5s-color-codingColor coding is a key part of Lean Manufacturing techniques.   It’s easy to use color to indicate the status of your production processes.  Just like a traffic light, green says everything is ok to proceed, yellow advises caution moving ahead and red indicates a problem requiring you to stop.  This color process makes it easy to recognize and act upon situations that need your attention.

Using Color on Your Floor is an Easy Way to Help Sustain 5S

Floor space requirements can also be visualized by using color.  A 5S production floor is all about being organized and efficient. Lean floor and lean visualization solutions can drastically improve your facility. You can use osha floor markings to establish and maintain areas of your production facility for dedicated purposes.  An ideal approach is to include warehouse line markings or traffic lines within your industrial flooring as opposed to traffic line or marking tape.  The ease of cleaning and excellent durability of this method provides a powerful boost for your 5S project.

color-coding-5s-floorYou Can Customize Your Floor to Meet Your Unique Needs

Every company has its own method of manufacturing and approach to 5S.  The key is to establish a floor color marking system that works for you.

Here’s an example:


Make Your Floor a Part of Your 5S Team!

A floor re-coating project is a great opportunity to use lasting color and design to promote your 5S initiative.  Color can be used to indicate work cells, machinery locations, hazardous areas and traffic lanes. You can design the floor color marking system that will best support your lean floor and lean visualization solutions. These “floor markers” will work hard for you and won’t wear out like conventional tape or paint.

What Has Been Your Experience With Floor Color Marking and 5S? To learn more about how a polymer floor can stimulate your entire 5S initiative, check out our free informational PDF download.

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