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 Automotive facilities encounter numerous challenges, from heavy vehicle traffic to chemical spills and constant maintenance needs. Choosing the right flooring system is crucial for optimal workplace performance. Epoxy flooring, with its high-performance resinous coating, offers many features that make it the ideal choice for the automotive industry.

Durable and long-lasting

The automotive industry puts significant strain on flooring due to constant exposure to heavy machinery, dropped tools and chemical spills, leading to rapid degradation. However, epoxy is specifically designed to endure these harsh conditions. Epoxy floors offer remarkable durability, even in demanding environments like auto repair or manufacturing shops. A well-installed epoxy system can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

This long-term durability translates to significant cost savings for automotive facilities. Rather than having to regularly replace damaged floors, you can rely on epoxy to provide a long-lasting surface that continues performing year after year.

Safe for dirty jobs

Automotive facilities deal with a wide range of chemicals on a daily basis. These substances, such as oil and fuel, can rapidly degrade standard concrete or vinyl flooring, causing it to crack or crumble. It is nearly impossible to have zero spills in work conditions like these. In contrast, epoxy is resistant to most automotive fluids, shielding the floor from damage. Spills can be easily wiped up, leaving the floor unscathed.

The slip-resistant texture of epoxy helps prevent employees and customers from losing their footing, even in the presence of grease or water. Additionally, epoxy can be made with antimicrobial properties that stop the growth of harmful bacteria. This fosters a cleaner, healthier environment, reducing the risk of illness outbreaks. It’s crucial to maintain everyone’s well-being, especially during peak illness periods.

Easy to clean for busy workers

Thorough and regular cleaning is necessary for automotive facilities to remain safe and attractive to visitors or customers. Epoxy’s smooth surface makes it incredibly easy to clean, as there are no crevices for dirt to accumulate. Epoxy may even tolerate high-pressure jet cleaning without causing harm. Slip-and-fall risks, wash bay waterproofing requirements and mechanical sections that need soap and water wash-downs, steam cleanings and hot power washings are requirements for a well-working floor in automotive facilities.

Tons of design options

Appearance matters in the automotive industry, especially in client-facing areas like showrooms. Epoxy flooring can give you high-end quality in a large variety of colors and designs, being able to match your brand colors perfectly. Epoxy flooring may be further customized by imprinting logos, images or decorative patterns, increasing brand recognition. The professional-looking finish of epoxy helps to make a strong impression on customers.


Epoxy flooring fulfills all the requirements specific to the automotive industry. If you want your company to improve its overall appearance and safety, choose epoxy flooring by PIP. It will change the way your business runs for the better with its slip-resistant and antimicrobial options, great look and easy-to-clean surface.


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