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Anti-static flooring’s easy-to-clean surface, easy installation and durability make it an excellent choice for businesses. Anti-static or ESD coatings are beneficial for companies that involve electricity, flammable materials or other risky materials. This technology eliminates the static built up from the workers walking around and reduces the chance of shocks or dangers to equipment or personnel. The anti-microbial coating option also promotes sterile conditions critical for medical facilities or manufacturing sensitive electronics. Facility managers should view anti-static and anti-microbial flooring as a proactive protective investment rather than just an aesthetic one when worker safety is extremely important.

And while anti-static flooring sounds great and is usually an excellent choice, there are some common misconceptions, which include the following:

Common anti-static flooring misconceptions

#1- The flooring needs to be replaced frequently.

Some people believe that anti-static flooring is either temporary or a quick fix that needs to be replaced frequently. However, this misunderstanding results from instances of bad installation or poor quality. It can potentially be a strong and long-lasting flooring solution when appropriately installed.

Also, ESD floors require similar care to other industrial floors to keep them in good condition. Every floor type demands specific maintenance procedures based on your facility’s application. And the chosen procedures may influence the floor’s overall performance. To help you effectively clean and maintain your industrial floor, including those that are anti-static, consider downloading the following tips: “Industrial Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.”

#2- Design options are limited.

Traditionally, anti-static epoxy flooring has been restricted to a limited selection of dark and solid colors. However, with the incorporation of an ESD clear topcoat as a conductor, you now have the flexibility to utilize the base polymer coating with an unlimited array of colors and decorative options. Newer technology provides a variety of design possibilities and finishes, enabling imaginative and aesthetically pleasing creations. This innovative approach opens up new creative opportunities for your flooring design.

We offer a large variety of colors. Some of the most common picks are white grey, machine blue, beige, signal yellow and tile red. PIP can match almost any RAL color for unique color schemes that are needed for specific applications. Additionally, we match to physical samples or additional color swatch cards. If you are looking for decorative media, we also offer colored quartz, which comes in both S-Grade and T-Grade, vinyl flake offered in four flake sizes, mica flake with Common LusterFlake and Base Flake options, and decorative metallic pigments.

#3- Installing can be odorous

Certain coatings can release unpleasant scents during installation, upsetting inhabitants and perhaps causing a disturbance. Protective Industrial Polymers has solved this issue by offering low-odor anti-static coating options.

One, in particular, specifies a low-odor formula called PIP 200. PIP 200 ESD Conductive UR is a very low odor, three-component, chemical-resistant coating that comes in several hues and textures and produces a non-yellowing, thin-film, semi-gloss to satin surface. When tested using ANSI/ESD S7.1 and ASTM F-150 test procedures, PIP 200 ESD Conductive UR is intended to deliver electrical resistance ratings below 1 million ohms.


Anti-static flooring is crucial in maintaining a safe work environment for employees and safeguarding valuable equipment. By effectively reducing the amount of electrostatic energy in the flooring, it minimizes the risk of static discharge incidents and potential damage to sensitive machinery.

At Protective Industrial Polymers, we offer high-quality anti-static flooring solutions that are specially designed to address these concerns. With expertise and cutting-edge technology, Protective Industrial Polymers can clarify any misconceptions and provide you with the ideal anti-static flooring system tailored to your specific industrial needs.

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