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ESD flooring

Using color on your polymer floor is an easy way to help sustain your 5S programs.  It’s all about being organized and efficient.  You can use floor markings to establish and maintain areas of your production facility for dedicated purposes.

But, ESD polymer flooring has traditionally been a 5S challenge due to a very small choice of color options.  This was due to the use of dark, specialized ESD pigments which were used to make polymer coatings electrically active.

Today, the new generation of ESD flooring technology utilizes a highly transparent topcoat that serves as its own ground plane. That being said, colors on esd flooring are now more attainable. Protective Industrial Polymers is pioneering the future with its proprietary Surface Ground Plane™ ESD Coating Systems.  Because the surface of the system is the ground plane, it does not rely on a buried conductive black or dark gray ground plane which severely reduces your color possibilities.  The clear topcoat is the conductor!

Now, you can get a wide variety of colors on esd flooring including:

  • Standard Solid Colors
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Quartz Media
  • Vinyl Flake
  • Mica Flake
  • Metallic Pigments

color on esd floor

Use Surface Ground Plane™ ESD Coating Systems for your 5S projects.

A floor re-coating project is a great opportunity to use lasting color and design to promote your 5S initiative and improve your esd floor performance. These “floor markers” will work hard for you and won’t wear out like conventional tape or paint.  And, now you can effectively implement 5S for your ESD polymer floors, too.

Want to learn more about ESD color options for your 5S projects? Download our FREE “ESD Color & Decorative Options Guide” today!

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