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fsma-logoThe Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2011 changed the emphasis from responding to food safety issues to proactively preventing them with food safe flooring. This shift created a preventative approach to sanitation and a significant demand for products that could inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and other dangerous microbes. Both FDA and USDA guidelines suggest that sanitary flooring and wall systems can greatly reduce the risk of food safety issues. Preventing microbes from contaminating food is of the utmost importance and a comprehensive antimicrobial floor and wall system is imperative in maintaining food safety.

inhibicrobe-processYou’ve Got to Dig Deep

You’ve Got to Dig Deep How do you know which antimicrobial floor and wall system to choose when considering food safe flooring? Consider this: One of the most serious possibilities for food contamination lurks well below the surface. The concrete substrate, while seemingly durable, is teeming with nooks and crannies that can trap microbes and thus promote food and concrete contamination. You need an antimicrobial wall and flooring system that digs deep to prevent food safety issues and implement the necessary food safe flooring. InhibiCrobe offers redundant, layered antimicrobial protection that creates a dense barrier up to six inches below your floor and wall system. The polymer-based system consists of a concrete pre-treatment along with an antimicrobial coating or resurfacer that seals the porous areas of the concrete substrate.   This process offers a comprehensive antimicrobial protection along with extreme durability, cleanability, a safe non-slip surface, and chemical and thermal shock resistance. As a result, InhibiCrobe prevents the growth of microorganisms through the floor and wall system as well as the concrete below it.  Such an unwelcoming environment for microbes ensures long-term food safety and peace of mind.

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food-plantInhibiCrobe offers the best protection

Other competitor processes simply apply an antimicrobial additive during installation.  We don’t believe that antimicrobial protection should be an afterthought.  InhibiCrobe is manufactured with antimicrobial properties from the start and then independently lab tested to ensure the complete protection.  It’s not just an additive, it’s a finished, cured, antimicrobial system.

Sustain long-term food safety

We stand behind our product and offer value-added solutions at no additional cost.  Upon installation, an antimicrobial certification is issued and we will facilitate annual system performance audits.  A comprehensive antimicrobial floor and wall system requires getting below the surface to offer deep protection from food contamination.

Interested in learning more?

We’ve created a free multimedia kit that outlines the importance of choosing the right antimicrobial floor and wall system for your food safety requirements. This free download provides access to an executive-level overview of the InhibiCrobe process, along with a detailed infographic and in-depth video to help you identify and prevent potential food safety hazards.

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