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The list of advantages of an epoxy or urethane floor is endless. The decision for which type of flooring system is usually fairly simple because most of the time it will improve your current flooring situation. One mistake people often tend to overlook is how this new bright and shiny floor will appear once they put it into service. More specifically, unless they have impeccable cleaning procedures, new and solid epoxy floor colors tend to show dirt more than the concrete previously in use did.

Darker Solid Colors Can Help Keep Floors Looking New

When given a flooring brochure, people are often wowed when they see the picture of a perfect, smooth, light grey, glossy floor on the front cover. What they may not realize is that perfect floor can look very old, dirty and hazy quickly if it is installed in an environment which tends to get very dirty. If the area is prone to dirt, tire marks, scratching, and staining, there are much better options when deciding what color and type epoxy system to use to fit your epoxy flooring requirements. For example, a popular option in a warehouse where equipment and pallets are scratching the floor is an epoxy mortar floor done in a color which is very close to the color of dirt. At first it sounds unappealing, but when a gray floor is scratched and the scratch fills with dirt, an ugly brown scratch line sticks out like a sore thumb. When the floor is the color of dirt, the dirt fills the crack and the scratch is nearly invisible. The floor will look like the day it was put in for a much longer time than the gray floor.

Colored Quartz Media Can Help Hide Dirt

Colored Quartz Media Can Help Hide Dirt

When chemical staining is an issue, consider the color of the chemical stain. The easiest way to keep your floor looking new is to pigment the floor the same color as the chemical stains. Again, a red stain will show on a gray floor, but on a red floor it will be much less noticeable. Not only can imperfections be hidden by epoxy floor colors, but they can also be hidden with different media that can be broadcasted into an epoxy floor. Not only can imperfections be hidden by color, but they can also be hidden with different media that can be broadcasted into an epoxy floor. This media consists of things like quartz sand and vinyl flake. Think of this media like a “Where’s Waldo” book. The quartz and flake creates a mosaic that distracts the eye from dirt, stains, and imperfections that would usually be very noticeable on a solid color floor.

Although a polymer floor system will almost always improve your current situation, it is important to factor what system and what epoxy floor colors can make your floor as aesthetically-pleasing as possible for as long as possible.

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