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You walk, drive, manufacture, prototype, package, ship, repair, store and have meetings on your floor every day. It is literally the “bedrock” of your business. Yet, you still may not be taking full advantage of your industrial floor’s capabilities. Are you really getting all the help your floor can provide?

What Can Your Floor Do For You?

By looking at your industrial floor in a new way, you can use it to better serve a wide variety of your business objectives. Let’s move beyond thinking of it as something to simply walk on and conduct your manufacturing processes. Modern polymer floor coating technology provides many options to consider.

For example:

Business Objective Your Floor’s Role
5S and Lean Manufacturing Color to indicate material in process
Walking Safety Slip resistance for improved traction
Worker Productivity Enhanced light reflectivity
Contamination Control Antimicrobial treatment
ESD (electrostatic discharge) Control Conductive particles throughout surface
Chemical Storage Resistant to harmful effects of spills
Fire Prevention Ignition Control
Minimize Forklift Repair & Accidents Abrasion resistance for heavy traffic
Maintaining Efficient Traffic Flows Embedded boundary markers
Effective Customer Plant Visits Durable designer look in visitor centers

Make Your Floor a Part of Your Team

Each area of your plant has a specific job to do. Be sure to review your facility and plan for flooring features which will enhance productivity, safety and morale.   A good starting point is to identify key areas of your floor and rate how they are currently supporting your business success. After your list is developed, you will want to meet with your floor coating representative.   They can provide more advice and recommend how to make your floor a contributing “member” of your team.

Advice For Getting Started

Does your industrial operation have various flooring requirements? Learn how we can help by downloading our FREE E-Guide “Polymer Flooring – One Solution Does Not Meet All of Your Industrial Needs”.


Enhance plant productivity


Keep workers safe


Abrasion resistance for high traffic areas

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