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It’s easy to take your floor for granted.  Every day, it’s on the job and is literally the “foundation” of your business.  You may think about it sometimes or notice an area that needs repair, but you can always easily put off an evaluation of your floor till tomorrow.  There is no warning red light to indicate it needs your help now.

is-your-floor-working-1What Should You Do?

It’s best to break down this problem into “bite size” pieces to evaluate.  Throughout your plant, there are dedicated production areas which need flooring that best supports that specific process of your facility.  Start with those keys areas which are most important for your business success.  One way to start would be to list those areas on a spreadsheet and assign dates for your reviews.  If you could check one area every two weeks, it would be less of a burden for you to achieve.  You should think in terms of identifying what the floor should be doing and then assigning it a grade for its ability to perform its job.  Include your notes and the feedback of team members working on the floor.

is-your-floor-working-2It Sounds Complex.

There are certainly many issues to address in order to arrive at the right flooring solution for your business.  Adding to this complexity is the need to consider the unique requirements of certain areas of your plant.  A “one size fits all” approach may not be able to deliver a true long-term solution for you.   A first step is the spreadsheet approach as a way to begin your evaluation.  Then, you will want to meet with your flooring representative for more advice.

There is an Easy Way to Get Started Today.

Our Flooring Self-Assessment Questionnaire is ready to help.  You can quickly complete it and be on your way to a fast start for solving your flooring problems.

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