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Yes, this sounds like a crazy suggestion from a manufacturer of polymer flooring products. The truth is that, all too often, our customers and end users will identify an area to be restored or coated and then “make it work” with the budgeted dollars available.  This decision usually leads to a flooring system with substandard durability, reduced aesthetics, failures and wasted money.

There are ways to do less and get more value


Plan Flooring Projects By Looking Ahead and Phasing Them Logically

If the budget assigned or available is not adequate or is far short of the necessary funding to do it right, the solution requires a little creativity and a lot of common sense. The first step is to simply a look ahead. Is future funding probable? If so, think of the project in steps or layers. Rather than go with a low cost system over an entire target area, consider doing the proper prep over the entire floor area, placing a high performance primer over the all of the prepared areas and then apply the best system available to as much of the area as the budget will allow. By prepping and priming properly, a floor system can be continued in the next fiscal funding period without heavy remobilization costs.

Plan Flooring Projects By Looking Ahead and Phasing Them Logically


Zone Your Facility and Target those Areas Most in Need of a Flooring System

In a situation where the budget is restricted and future finances are unclear, it is best to use a target approach. Targeting refers to choosing the area or areas most in need and putting the best possible floor in only these locations. The choice of placement could be based on any combination of traffic, visibility, current substrate damage or simply geographic location. Typically, completing a few areas with the right products will help with justifying future floor work by exhibiting the desired look and performance characteristics. Once a floor system has proven its durability and overall improvement to the facility, successful funding for additional projects becomes a more likely outcome. Most importantly, this approach is the best way to guarantee a lasting facility upgrade.

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