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Floors are often overlooked in an industrial manufacturing environment. Dirt from foot and forklift traffic, or dark bare concrete, can dull a facility’s appearance, making for a dreary atmosphere. A bright, shiny yet slip-resistant floor can heighten facility aesthetics, while increasing employee morale by making your facility brighter and safer.

When it comes to productivity and employee morale, a clean and “shiny” non-slip floor surface can accomplish a number of goals.


A Comfortable, More Productive Work Environment:

It’s widely known that positive employee morale increases employee production, engagement and retention. Working in an environment that is clean, safe and organized stimulates a sense of pride that is reflected in work quality and ethic. A way to improve both safety and organization is by following osha floor marking requirements and implementing 5s floor marking systems. Employees who are content in their environment tend to be more engaged team members.

A Bright, Light-Reflective Workspace

A bright, high-gloss polymer floor can reflect light, creating brighter workspaces. A high degree of light reflectivity not only makes a facility look better, but contributes greatly to employee morale. Additional side benefits include reduced lighting and energy costs, contributing to a company’s Go Green initiative.


A Safer Workplace

Safety is a high-priority in manufacturing environments. Employee accidents and compensation claims can negatively affect a company’s bottom line. A clean, slip-resistant floor following osha floor marking requirements can help keep your operation running smoothly, with a decreased potential for slip and fall accidents. Adhering to the osha floor marking requirements will also contribute to the reduction of accidents in the facility.

Reduce Maintenance Expense

An easily cleanable polymer floor can go a long way in reducing maintenance costs over time. By utilizing a non-angular anti-slip surface texture additive, such as Protective Industrial Polymers’ GlossGrip, the floor surface does not contain sharp protrusions. Common angular quartz aggregate textures are difficult to clean and can prematurely wear mops or floor-cleaning equipment. A floor coating utilizing spherical additives, such as GlossGrip, will be easier to clean and much less abrasive on cleaning equipment.

Easy-to-clean floors that “shine” and are slip-resistant can play an important role in any 5S initiative. To learn more about how a new floor can stimulate your entire 5S initiative, check out our free article “Your Plant Floor Coating Can Stimulate Your Entire 5S Initiative”.

Free Article - Your Plant Floor Coating Project Can Stimulate Your Entire 5S Initiative

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