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What are your goals for your workplace?

If a clean, lean manufacturing environment that boasts high efficiency, less waste and improved productivity and worker satisfaction is your ultimate aim, it may be time to implement the 5S engineering concept and consider a 5s production floor.
Specifically, you can get started by putting the first three “S” initiatives into place: sort, straighten, and shine.

line-stripingYou Can Start Here

Sorting simply involves eliminating clutter in your workplace. You can start by separating your essential tools and machinery from items that are no longer used. Outdated equipment can be removed, making room for you to organize your key materials for increased ergonomics and efficiency. That organization is an integral part of the Straightening step, which allows your team to arrange required items in a manner that makes them easy to access, color code the floors of the plant with 5s floor marking, and create walkways, production space, and traffic line area boundaries. Once you’ve sorted and straightened, you can Shine. Shining gives you the opportunity to take pride in your workplace by cleaning the work environment and its equipment regularly, in an ongoing effort to maintain order and efficiency. A durable, nonslip 5s production floor that is safe and light reflective is a key part of the shining process.

Your Floor is Part of the Team

As you begin to undertake a floor coating project, consider how your new 5s production floor will be integral to the process of sorting, stabilizing, and shining, in an effort to maintain a safe and efficient workplace. A new polymer floor that meets the needs of your work environment, whether you require chemical resistant or heavy duty flooring, will provide peace of mind and will boost morale as it integrates seamlessly with your needs. Your flooring project is the ideal way to inspire a sorting effort, can supply the necessary color coding, walkways, and boundaries that will promote a push toward straightening, and will boost morale, motivating workers to maintain not only your new flooring, but every area of your plant so that it truly “shines”.


Once you learn more about the 5S system, the path to a safer, more productive workplace will become clear. Read more about the system, and how your new flooring project will integrate into the implementation of this system, in our free informational PDF download.

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