The 3 Cs of PIP


coatings Protective Industrial Polymers manufactures a comprehensive line of customized industrial flooring products and systems to meet and exceed the stringent demands of your unique business. Our product breadth is unparalleled in the industrial coatings marketplace. From general purpose coatings and mortars, ESD and ignition control solutions, to chemical-resistant, antimicrobial and decorative systems, you can be assured PIP has the right solution to satisfy even the most demanding safety/quality program specification.


Protective Industrial Polymers works with a network of recognized contractors to ensure the installed floor meets the intended specifications. Our systems are jointly warranted for complete confidence when one of our recognized installers is used. We recognize that the best polymer flooring project is only as good as the team behind it – and we have spent years developing the relationships necessary to create these unique teams. PIP and its partnering contractors believe in sharing customer responsibility. The stronger our network of installers is, the stronger we are and the better we can service the end user.




Our business development management team is comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals, skilled in diagnosing concrete floor problems and recommending the right solutions to meet end user’s dynamic requirements. Our team possesses and shares the field, installation and manufacturing experience necessary to properly support a project and see it through to completion. Contractors and customers from around the globe have relied on our consultative expertise to find solutions for their safety, quality and protection concerns.