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If you operate a veterinary clinic or animal service facility, “one size fits all” epoxy flooring systems will not deliver the performance you require. We believe that each specialized area of your operation needs a flooring solution that provides superior value, efficiency, and long life towards people, animals and even machines.

Your Floor is a Reflection of Your Business

Everything you do is supported by your floor every single day.  Your friendly “clients” and their owners expect a safe, clean, pleasurable, and sanitary environment. Epoxy flooring systems will help reach each of those goals. Here are some examples we can look at on how specialized, epoxy flooring systems can really make your business shine:

Floor Area Unique Requirements
Operating Rooms Slip-Resistance, Light-Reflectance, Cleanability, Animal Fluid Resistance, Chemical Resistance
Examination Rooms Chemical Resistance, Animal Fluid Resistance, Impact & Abrasion Resistance, Light Reflectance
Wash Areas Slip-Resistance, Thermal-Shock Resistance, Animal Fluid Resistance
Animal Holding Cells Wear-Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Animal Fluid Resistance, Impact & Abrasion Resistance
Lab & Service Areas Chemical & Wear-Resistance, Animal Fluid Resistance, Light Reflectivity
Kennel & Training Areas Slip-Resistance, Impact & Abrasion Resistance, Cleanability, Animal Fluid Resistance
Animal Runs Slip-Resistance, Aesthetics, Cleanability, Animal Fluid Resistance
Waiting Areas Slip-Resistance, Aesthetics, Light Reflectance, Cleanability, Animal Fluid Resistance
Restrooms/Breakrooms Aesthetics, Cleanability
Hallways Slip-Resistance, Cleanability, Animal Fluid Resistance, Aesthetics

Don’t Forget These Considerations for Your Floor

Antimicrobial properties: 

animal service floorsEpoxy flooring systems that are antimicrobial will not support the growth of various molds, bacteria, mildew and fungus. This is critically important in a healthcare environment.   The most effective antimicrobial flooring systems are manufactured, quality-control tested, and shipped with the antimicrobial properties intact. Simply put, this means these systems have been validated to perform as intended.

For example, some manufacturers offer an ‘antimicrobial’ additive that is field-mixed into the coating just prior to application. This type of system is not guaranteed to perform as a cured system. Just because the additive is antimicrobial, this does not necessarily mean the finished floor coating has antimicrobial properties intact.

Scratch resistance:

As a business owner, you want your floor to look great for a long time.  So consider including an extremely hard, angular abrasive media, to your floor coating, that will provide that ultimate degree of wear and scratch resistance.

With abrasion resistance, your floors will not only appear nicer than traditional flooring, but it also creates a safer environment. This flooring resists scratches that are normally caused by sharp objects or mechanical equipment. It is cost-efficient due to less maintenance. Epoxy treatments contrast well with the resistance, allowing cracked floors to be sealed after repairs of concrete erosion.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Concerns:

Do you have digital radiology equipment, CTs and MRIs? Consider protecting your sensitive electronic equipment from static discharge with Protective Industrial Polymers new developed ESD anti-static coatingsOur specialized flooring is meticulously designed to not only meet but exceed current performance standards. It effectively and rapidly dissipates static electricity, providing essential protection for your staff, patients, and valuable equipment. This crucial feature can be seamlessly integrated into your floor system for added convenience.

animal service floors

Does This All Sound a Little Confusing?

Your floor coating manufacturer and installer work in tandem as a cohesive team. By discussing your specific requirements with them, you can expect a tailored solution that will bring lasting satisfaction to all parties involved. They offer comprehensive services suited to various operational environments. With quality industrial epoxy treatments, your floors not only receive a modern makeover but also gain valuable qualities that ensure their long-lasting durability.

Contact us with your questions and share your stories.  We would be glad to hear from you and tell you about our AnimalSpec Pet Care & Veterinary Floor Systems!

Learn more by downloading our Free Polymer Flooring Systems Solution Guide:  Animal Care and Veterinary Operations.

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