Chemical Resistant Flooring

Protective Industrial Polymer’s (PIP) chemical resistant flooring (or paint) and tank linings can withstand dangerous chemical immersion, spills and tank ruptures. Our chemical resistant floor coatings and tank linings will be your concrete’s first line of defense, keeping your facility and surrounding environment safe and compliant. InhibiChem Vinyl Ester coating and lining systems are extremely durable, long lasting, and highly chemical-resistant. Concrete substrates are extremely porous, which is why protective coatings are essential in protecting your facility from potential chemical contamination. PIP’s chemical resistant epoxy and tank linings exhibit comprehensive protection from chemical damage, providing an optimal solution for your facility.



From chemical processing, paper mills and power generation, to steel mills and pharmaceutical facilities, PIP’s InhibiChem coating and lining systems can meet even the strictest requirements. Almost every industry requires some kind of corrosion-control concrete protection, and InhibiChem systems are formulated to withstand a wide assortment of chemical concentrations to provide the ultimate in chemical and corrosion-control.

InhiniChem Vinyl Ester Coating & Containment Systems Feature:

  • Superior Chemical & Solvent Resistance
  • Excellent Permeation Resistance
  • Excellent Wear Characteristics
  • Excellent Bonding & Adhesion to Concrete and Steel Substrates
  • Compliant with FDA Requirements (CFR 175.300)
  • Very Low Vapor Transmission Rates
  • Long Service Life
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