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ESD flooring

Traditional ESD flooring has been limited to a very small choice of dark, solid color options.  This has been due to the use of specialized ESD pigments which have been used to make polymer coatings electrically active.  Electronics manufacturers and assemblers can get a polymer ESD floor installed, but they have had little choice in how it should look.

traditional esd floor

Surface Ground Plane™ ESD Coating Systems Are the Future

The new generation of ESD flooring technology utilizes a highly transparent ESD topcoat that serves as its own ground plane.  Because the surface of the system is the ground plane, it does not rely on a buried conductive black or dark gray ground plane which severely reduces the color possibilities.  This means the clear top coat is the conductor and that allows the base polymer coating to have virtually unlimited color and decorative options.

modern deco esd floor

Color and Decorative Choices for Today’s ESD Floors

With a Surface Ground Plane ESD coating system, you can get the exact look you want for your facility.

You have many options:

  • Standard Solid Colors
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Quartz Media
  • Vinyl Flake
  • Mica Flake
  • Metallic Pigments

A highly transparent ESD topcoat that serves as its own ground plane makes almost any desired aesthetic possible without sacrificing even the most critical electrical performance requirements, such as extremely low voltage generation.Additionally, this ESD technology can even be applied clear over existing terrazzo, marbleized metallic polymer, decorative flake, and color quartz floors.

There Is No Need to Compromise

You can now achieve the best of both worlds – the most consistent and reliable ESD-control performance, combined with a vast array of color and decorative options.  Plus, get all the benefits of polymer flooring, including:

  • No waxing is required
  • Excellent impact & abrasion resistance
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Excellent cleanability
  • Lower life cycle costs

Is ESD Static Control with Unlimited Decorative Options Important for You?

Protective Industrial Polymers offers a complete line of ESD-Control Flooring Systems.

Download our free “ESD-Control Polymer Flooring Color and Decorative Options Guide” to learn more.

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