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Even though different floor coating technologies might look the same when installed, there is definitely more to it than meets the eye.


Slurry-Type Mortar Install

There are many polymer flooring technologies available today designed to address various industrial concerns. Epoxies and polyurethanes are indeed the “workhorse” concrete floor coating solutions, and have been for many years. But, for industries, such as food production, pharmaceutical production, chemical processing and electronics manufacturing, there are unique flooring requirements that call for more effective and longer-lasting flooring solutions. Some of these solutions include antimicrobial coatings, static and ignition-control coatings, highly chemical-resistant vinyl ester coatings, or polymer-modified mortar systems for heavy-duty manufacturing operations.

Something to Think About


By understanding each unique floor area of your industrial process, you can select the right industrial flooring system for each area that will perform optimally for its intended purpose. This can mean the difference between not providing enough flooring protection for critical process areas, or paying too much for general purpose areas that don’t necessarily require a heavy-duty, or specialty, solution. Truly understanding the various industrial flooring needs for each area of your industrial process can accomplish a number of goals, including measurable life cycle analysis and proper maintenance budgeting, both of which can contribute to a healthy bottom line.

Working With the Right Product Manufacturer

Choosing the right industrial flooring vendor can make all the difference in the long-term success of your industrial floor maintenance program. A quality manufacturer will have specific flooring systems developed to address your unique requirements, not just a “one coating fits all” solution. Additionally, these manufacturers understand every aspect of an industrial environment, so they know what works and what doesn’t. They can also recommend the right contractors that can provide quality installation services.

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