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Building and production machinery maintenance must be performed to keep your facility running properly throughout the year.  And, the holiday season can provide a unique window of opportunity when major projects can’t be completed without significant production downtime.  You certainly don’t want delayed maintenance to result in an emergency situation during the rest of the year.

There is an Important Step to Remember

Every part of your plant operates on some type of a floor.  In fact, the foundation of your facility is your industrial concrete floor.  Everyday, you walk, drive, manufacture and conduct meetings on it to successfully operate your business.  Such an important part of your plant needs planned maintenance so it can effectively continue serving your needs.


Carefully evaluate all your flooring needs

Timing is Everything

Since your industrial floor is everywhere, that means any major project could interrupt production.  Weekends are a possibility for this type of maintenance, but major work may be limited if your facility is a seven day a week operation.  So, the traditional holiday shutdown, because of its longer duration, can be an ideal time to tackle very significant initiatives.

Each Major Area of Your Floor Has Unique Needs

When you are planning a renovation of your floor or considering new construction, be sure to decide what your objectives are for your maintenance plan.  Modern polymer floor coatings can be configured to meet the unique needs of each area.

For example, your floor may require:

Chemical storage spill resistance Boundary markings for 5S & safety
Durability for frequent washdowns Falling sharp and heavy object protection
Slip resistance for workers Effective static discharge (ESD)
Antimicrobial protection Abrasion resistance in high traffic areas
Improved light reflectivity Fire prevention characteristics
Ignition control Attractive and durable office designs

Each area of your floor has different requirements

Various parts of your industrial floor may have one or multiple requirements.   Be sure to consult with your polymer floor coating supplier as you evaluate your needs.

Ask for Help When Planning Your Holiday Shutdown

You don’t have to do this alone!  Protective Industrial Polymers can help. Download our latest whitepaper and case study “Industrial Flooring Projects & Holiday Plant Shutdowns” to learn more!

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