Frequently Asked Questions

What is SingleSource?

The SingleSource Turnkey Project Management Program is your premiere source for high-performance polymer flooring products, combined with superior installation, project, contract management, and warranty support. SingleSource was developed to provide quality and consistent turnkey flooring product installs for organizations that have multiple facility locations, or organizations that desire to work with one entity to manage its unique flooring needs.

Will SingleSource provide flooring product and system recommendations?

Protective Industrial Polymers manufactures high-performance flooring solutions to meet the unique demands of various industries. We will work closely with building representatives to design a flooring system that will completely satisfy your unique requirements.

I’m interested in SingleSource. What if I already have a corporate flooring specification?

Protective Industrial Polymers is a leading manufacturer of high-performance polymer flooring products and systems. We can match and exceed virtually any resinous flooring specification, providing side-by-side performance data, coverage rates, chemical-resistance data, etc. We will carefully review your existing corporate flooring specification and write an alternate specification for your organization’s review team.

What if I have a flooring contractor I already trust that does professional work?

We will meet with your preferred contractor to discuss the specified products, and may provide training for the products and systems they are not familiar with. If your project requires a specialized installation skill set, we can bring in additional expertise to ensure all requirements of your flooring project are properly addressed. PIP works with a network of recognized contractors that are properly trained on all of our products and systems.

How many points of contact will I have to deal with?

There is only one point of contact to work with. Your OneSource Turnkey Solutions rep will manage all aspects of your project from beginning to end.

What about the warranty?

SingleSource turnkey project installations include a comprehensive labor and materials warranty, assuring you the installed floor meets intended design and performance criteria.

How will I know I’m getting the same result at various facility locations?

Each turnkey project contract package, along with all applicable product, topcoat textures, color choices, and project conditions information is filed. This includes any custom color blend information, batch numbers, QC batch tickets, special field conditions, etc., and will be referenced for each subsequent project. This ensures consistency among all facilities in terms of system performance.

How will I be billed?

All invoices will come directly from Protective Industrial Polymers.

How do I take care of my finished floor?

Upon project turnover, the end-user is provided with Operations & Maintenance instructions for the new floor. Additionally, your SingleSource Turnkey Solutions Manager will recommend appropriate cleaning formulas, cleaning equipment, and suggested maintenance schedule to insure your floor provides you with a long service life.

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