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industrial floor cleaning guide

Your flooring is literally the foundation of your business and employees use it to perform critical work processes. Every day, workers are taking thousands of steps on your floor and assume they are walking on a safe surface while performing their duties. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to “provide working conditions that are free of known dangers.” This includes the instruction to “keep floors in work areas in a clean and, so far as possible, a dry condition.”

Safety is important

Industrial floor surfaces safety is important Oils and other spills can present a slip hazard. If you don’t implement industrial floor cleaning routines, throughout the day, you could end up having safety issues in your facility. And, keeping the textured surface clean helps maintain the anti-slip properties of your floor. Routine cleaning will minimize these problems and help you to extend the gloss and gripping properties of your polymer flooring. Also, remember to repair cracks and gouges which can be a source of trip and fall hazards.

After all, the way your facility is presented to your workers and customers is portraying a message about your commitment to industrial floor surfaces safety. And, what will your customers say about the look of your facility? Make sure your polymer floor is clean and safe.

enhancing safety with clean industrial floors

Your floor is part of a safe working environment.

Include scheduled floor cleaning and maintenance in your industrial floor surfaces safety plan

When you make your polymer flooring a part of safety in your facility, you gain much more than just a clean working space:

  • Light Reflection: your clean floor creates a brighter environment which can lead to better visibility and work productivity.
  • Directional symbols and warnings: regular cleaning insures these embedded floor safety markers remain clear to workers.
  • Slip Resistance: removing ground in dirt allows the engineered anti-grip properties of your floor to work effectively. The result is enhanced walking safety.
  • Trip and Fall Avoidance: regular inspection and repair of cracks and gouges helps remove hazards that can lead to worker injury.
  • Regulatory Compliance: following OSHA’s instruction to “provide working conditions that are free of known dangers.”

Is floor cleaning and maintenance important for your business?

Download our free guide, “Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions for polymer floor coating systems”

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