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A concrete floor provides a solid base for your industrial operations, but by keeping the floor “bare,” or only painted, you are missing out on some important benefits.  Your floor can very effectively help you meet a variety of conditions throughout your plant.

Your Floor Must Do Much More

six-key-ways-polymer-floor-coatings-can-helpModern high-tech operations demand safe, compliant and long-lasting flooring solutions that will provide a solid foundation for compliance as future industry specifications and guidelines become more stringent.   Let’s take a look at some floor coating options.

Six key ways polymer floor coatings can help:

  1. Abrasion & Impact resistance: Extend the life of your floor by protecting it from abrasion and impact.  Heavy forklift traffic and falling sharp or large objects can shorten its life.  Productivity and safety can also be compromised when your floor becomes badly worn, cracked and pitted.
  2. 5S: You can let your floor incorporate the elements of your 5S program.  Color coding and traffic lanes can be built into your new surface which will be longer lasting versus tape and paint alternatives.
  3. Light reflection: Workers may not be able to see as well as they should and new lighting is expensive.  You can create a floor surface that is high gloss or light reflectant.   Then, morale and safety will be enhanced without the disruption and cost of installing a new lighting system.
  4. Slippery areas: Do you have floor areas that are often wet and provide a problem for workers?  Effective slip resistance can be built into a new floor coating which will perform for years to come.
  5. Static discharge: Are you an electronics manufacturer that needs an ESD system?  Static control properties can be uniformly built into a new floor coating.
  6. Antimicrobial protection: If you manufacture food, microbial growth can be a problem in your business process.  In these areas, a microbial treatment that can penetrate deep into your floor can stop bacteria where they can thrive in small crevices.

Every Plant Has Unique Requirements

every-plant-has-unique-requirementsIt’s important to know what type of floor coating you need or the type of floor repairs that may have to be completed first.  Keeping a clear record of the various floor performance requirements throughout your facility can help in your capital maintenance planning, as well as being able to properly communicate your unique needs to your flooring vendor and installer.   Your list will be unique and you need to decide on project priorities.

How Do I Start?

Contact a professional polymer floor coating manufacturer to get started.  They will analyze your situation and develop a solution that will work for you.  At my company, Protective Industrial Polymers, we use the 3C’s approach to get a balanced  job done.

  • Coatings
  • Contracting
  • Consulting

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Don’t know whether to re-coat, repair or replace your industrial floor? Our Industrial Flooring Self-Assessment Tool can help you determine the ideal solution for your unique application.

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