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design-assessment-2There is no such thing as maintenance-free polymer flooring, especially when it comes to industrial and commercial applications. Drops, scrapes, spills, harsh chemicals, contamination and excessive dirt, when added to general wear and tear, increase the amount of maintenance and repairs required.

When gauging the value of flooring in a facility, one must factor in the cost of keeping the flooring safe, durable and attractive over its expected lifespan. Costs for maintenance, repairs and replacement can be reduced when the right flooring system is in place. It must be a flooring system that is designed to withstand the demands of your industry.

Resurfaced floor with new topcoatIt’s also important to consider that different areas of a facility serve different purposes and thus require specific means of protection. A visitors’ waiting area or a showroom will have different maintenance requirements than a production or assembly space. Using the same floor coating for every space could in the long run add expenses for repairs and maintenance.

For these reasons, it makes sense to choose a floor coating specialist that is well-versed in all aspects of industrial applications. A SingleSource Industrial Flooring Resource can save you time and money in a variety of ways:

contractingWorking with one flooring representative who understands all of your floor coating needs adds value.

A quality floor coating rep understands the requirements for different applications, and will take into consideration the use and conditions of each space. Conditions such as the amount of traffic, the possibility of spills or stains, the need for contamination resistance and the use of any heavy equipment that might affect the durability of the floor. Only after these factors have been analyzed, will an appropriate floor coating system be recommended. This upfront research saves time. It also adds value and peace of mind knowing that one expert can solve your diverse flooring needs.

Choosing the right floor coating from the beginning will mean lower maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

Upon completion of a site survey, your flooring rep will recommend the systems that will perform best with the demands of your facility. There should be no second-guessing that the recommended system will provide optimum performance and durability, thus reducing maintenance and repair costs.

The right coating system can extend the life of your flooring.

An industrial concrete floor has the best chance of retaining its quality properties when it’s coupled with the right coating system. The luster, wearability and safety protection of the floor will continue to perform long after it has been installed. An experienced floor coating company recognizes the importance of using the most effective system with long-lasting results.

singlesource-logoBy relying on one professional source for your flooring needs, all of your flooring requirements are easily attainable.
Partner with an expert who will work with you throughout the floor coating process, and who will be available to answer questions and provide prompt follow-up. Relying on a single source means you have a one-stop resource for all of the flooring needs in your facility.

Protective Industrial Polymers is a trusted source for floor coatings in the automotive, aviation, chemical processing, electronics/technology, food & beverage, pharmaceutical/healthcare, warehousing and distribution and general industrial and manufacturing industries. Our professionally trained team of experts provides specialized service to our customers based on their specific floor coating needs. As a one-stop resource, we cover all the steps necessary to help your floor retain its value for the long-term.

Does your industrial operation have various flooring requirements? Learn how we can help by downloading our FREE E-Guide.

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