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Flooring is a significant way to improve the operations within your business. The proper flooring selection can enhance your investment and increase employee and customer safety. Therefore, understanding what goes into having a quality floor will help you get the most out of it and improve your operations.

For example, while one flooring type may be appropriate for one work environment, a completely different flooring material may be better for another workplace. Again, it depends on your facility’s needs and the products or services you deliver to customers.

Concrete protection takes a complete system approach

While concrete is suitable for supporting a industrial facility’s operations, it sometimes doesn’t withstand the usual damage from foot traffic, heavy machinery and/or chemicals. It also needs to meet specific industry guidelines and regulations, depending on your application.

That’s why Protective Industrial Polymers (PIP) has two popular types of flooring systems – Protect and Proline. It doesn’t matter what kind of polymer flooring system you have installed; it must be adequately bonded to the concrete substrate not to fail. It also must be designed to withstand corrosion and harsh environments. These flooring systems should help you to start customizing a solution that’s best for your facility.

A layered approach for unlimited performance

Protect Systems are customizable since industrial floors have their own specific needs. The combination of PIP’s product technologies is what makes these systems unique. Layered together, the concrete substrate achieves the performance you need while also being aesthetically pleasing.

The need for corrosion-control protection

Applications like waste management, electronics, food, etc. need high-performance vinyl ester floor coatings and toppings found in Proline Systems. Chemicals are utilized in these applications, and they will only continue to grow in utilization as the industries modernize. That’s why you need a complete floor coating system that will provide chemical and solvent resistance, bonding and adhesion, and more.

No matter your facility’s application, a unique flooring solution is required to help improve operations. Anything else will distract you, your employees and even your customers.

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