Jim Cipriano

I like that i can get on the phone and call anyone from the company on a first name basis…from the order entry manager, chemist, technical support and upward to the president of the company. Their ability to provide innovative products and commitment to ongoing improvements that focus on the niche markets we serve will keep our relationship solid for the future.

David Ruggieri

PIP understands the value in partnering with leading raw material suppliers to offer their customers high quality products. There is a willingness to evaluate new materials to enhance current products and develop new chemistries

Kevin Larson

As an architecturally-lead Design/Build firm, we are involved with multiple aircraft hangar projects across the country. We have Protective Industrial Polymer floor coating systems down in heavy use maintenance facilities that are lasting up to 10 years, and they still look good. We appreciate the strong engineering associated with the coating products along with the installation technical support. We like staying with a proven performer.

Jonathan Winters

There are so many things I love about this company. Their expertise in niche market products, for example ESD flooring, is unmatched. They even have taken the time to make sure the sales reps are experts as well. Their products are great, but even more they have great service. They can customize material to fit specific job needs on very short notice.

Douglas Blake

What I like best is the total commitment to customer service and working with their installers/contractor partners. The products are great and innovative, especially the ESD systems. They always respond and deliver with great performance, competitive pricing and a wide range of flooring systems. They are one of the few companies in my opinion that really ‘get it’!

Kristi Sechrist

The staff at Protective Industrial Polymers are a pleasure to work with. They demonstrate excellent customer service and are very knowledgeable about their products. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for distinctive options to their flooring needs.

Ray Mansell

PIP is always there for us. Whether I need technical advise at 9pm or need to figure out how to get material to a site on the weekend, they make it happen for us.

Reynaldo Garcia

These guys will do everything they can to help you solve any issues or questions you have… definitely my favorite vendor to work with hands down.




Larry Sterling

Our sales rep, Arlie Newberg, knows what types of products to use on any application that we need. Also, he will follow up or be a part of the process as you are doing a project. Great customer service. I have dealt with a lot of coatings sales people in my 45 years of being a contractor myself, as well as managing our facilities here at Duncan Aviation, and haven’t found anyone as knowledgeable as Arlie on products and applications.