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The foundation of your fight against contamination is your Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) programs. In particular, the Critical Control Points (CCP) are where you have to be proactive with your plant cleaning protocols. Staying ahead of bacterial growth is a constant battle but can be done with antimicrobial certified flooring. fighting bacteria in your food plant

You Can do More to Control Contamination Risk.

Concrete is a naturally porous material and your floor can provide the ideal breeding ground for harmful microbes to thrive. Water seeping into the crevices of your concrete floor provides a key element for nurturing this contamination right under your feet. Top coatings do protect your floor, but repeated abrasion and wash downs can wear through the coatings or create cracks. The result is potential contamination deep within the substrate.

Another Layer of Protection is the Answer.

Any time you are able to get down to your bare concrete floor, during renovation or new construction, you should consider a concrete pre-treatment option for food flooring sanitation. The application of an antimicrobial, colloidal pre-treatment product, prior to the installation of an antimicrobial polymer top coating, will help control this source of contamination. It will penetrate deep down inside the concrete, up to 6 inches, antimicrobial pre treatment sprayingfilling the voids with an antimicrobial presence for many years to come.

How Does my Floor Become Performance Certified?

When you take the strategic step of providing an additional barrier of antimicrobial protection, you are demonstrating your commitment to maximum contamination control within your building envelope and creating your antimicrobial certified flooring. Protective Industrial Polymers (PIP) offers a cost-effective, concrete pre-treatment product called Protect AM-PT.  After application, PIP provides a Certificate of Antimicrobial Pretreatment which can be displayed in your plant. This means your floor is Performance Certified.  It also lets your customers, suppliers, and staff know you have taken an important step beyond your established cleaning and sanitizing programs by implementing antimicrobial certified flooring.

Want to learn more about treating your processing floors with redundant, validated antimicrobial protection? Download our latest whitepaper “Antimicrobial Polymer Floor & Wall Systems: Validated Performance Technology”.

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