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Microbes are the enemy if you manage food and beverage processing, and in any work that touches on the medical or pharmaceutical field. A clean environment is the starting point for providing safe products and services.

Keeping your floors and walls sanitary and free of health risks is essential for your company reputation and the quality of your products and services. That’s why more and more companies are relying on the antimicrobial qualities of InhibiCrobe floor and wall systems for their workplaces.

Keeping surfaces clean is relatively easy, but it’s what under your floor and inside your walls that are the challenge which is why it’s important to consider antimicrobial floor and wall benefits. Concrete is porous, allowing moisture to pass through. The crevices and cavities breed microbes, bacteria,, fungi, molds, and spores causing concrete contamination. The crevices and cavities breed microbes, bacteria, fungi, molds, and spores. Your hygienic procedures are at risk if the very structure of your workspace fosters contaminants.

Common types of washing of walls and floors can actually make the problem worse by causing damage to the surfaces, letting in more microbes. You need an antimicrobial floor and wall system that promotes deep down cleanliness and sanitary conditions and boasts many antimicrobial floor and wall benefits.

Here is a look at the benefits and peace of mind that come with the installation of InhibiCrobe antimicrobial floor and wall systems.

Protects Against Microbes

To be sure you work facility is hygienic, you need comprehensive protection that stops microorganisms from growing throughout the structure of your workplace. InhibiCrobe terminates them deep in the floor and walls and within the substrate of the cement.

The protection starts with a concrete pretreatment called Protect AM-PT/Protect AM-PT-BW that goes beneath the coating system and into the actual concrete substrate.  If you are serious about stopping microbes or fungal growth, you need to hydrostatically seal the concrete slab from within so it is permanently taken care of.

The Protective Industrial Polymers (PIP) InhibiCrobe Antimicrobial Floor and Wall System penetrates deep, forming an aqueous gel that keeps out microbes. The pretreatment is followed with antimicrobial joint fillers, overlays, and coatings that make the system complete.

Wide Selection

InhibiCrobe has a wide variety of colors, textures, and systems to choose from. Here is an overview of the systems available.

InhibiCrobe Antimicrobial Epoxy Flooring Systems

InhibiCrobe DS (Antimicrobial Decorative System)If you have an area that needs protection, durability, and an aesthetic feel like a laboratory, cafeteria, restroom or in the corridor, this is just what you need.

InhibiCrobe TB (Antimicrobial Thick-Build Coating System) This works well in production and packing rooms, walkways, and laboratories where chemical resistance and light reflectance are needed.

InhibiCrobe SRM (Antimicrobial Shock-Resistant Mortar System)This is designed for process and storage areas that need hot and color water wash downs. It is made for durability, impact resistance, and resistance to chemical and thermal shock.

InhibiCrobe Antimicrobial Wall Systems

InhibiCrobe GlassMat (Antimicrobial Glass Cloth-Reinforced Wall System) This antimicrobial glass cloth-reinforced wall system offers high-end chemical resistance, UV-stability, and durability.

InhibiCrobe FiberWall (Antimicrobial Glass and Fiber-Reinforced Wall Coating System) This reinforced antimicrobial epoxy wall system is perfect for packaging  or process areas that need enhanced chemical and wear resistance, in addition to UV-stability and performance.

InhibiCrobe FlexWall (Antimicrobial Flexible Wall System)This is suitable for process and packaging areas that require chemical, impact, and thermal-shock resistance materials.

Easy to Sanitize and Clean

Cleaning is a snap with these systems. InhibiCrobe goes deep, up to 6” down into concrete substrate. This means you can use your standard sanitizing wash routine on the floors and walls treated with InhibiCrobe.

You’ll be sure that the result will be deep down clean, not just the surface. You don’t have to worry about damaging the materials. All InhibiCrobe treated surfaces resist impact, chemicals, and hot temperatures.

Even after repeated washings, sanitizing, and decontamination, you are assured that the protection remains effective.

Quick to Install

There are many antimicrobial floor and wall benefits to consider when you’re looking at the safety and sanitary quality of your facility. You are assured of the minimum possible downtime when you choose InhibiCrobe walls and flooring systems. When installed by a Protective Industrial Polymers’ recognized InhibiCrobe installer, the work is certified and done properly.

After the system is installed, all work is inspected and verified by a PIP representative. When you receive the Certificate of antimicrobial Concrete Pretreatment, you can rest easy. The work has been to the highest standards and is  guaranteed.

Resists Chemical and Thermal Shock

The materials used in the InhibiCrobe food grade floor coatings are layered, providing dense protection. This not only prevents antimicrobial activity, but also provides strong resistance to the damage from chemical and thermal shock.

Trust your reputation to InhibiCrobe Wall and Floor systems. It is the system that provides integral antimicrobial protection for your workplace, whatever its uses. With its multiple layers, deep down protection, and antimicrobial ingredients that are basic to the product, the protection you have is comprehensive and guaranteed.

Review our InhibiCrobe Antimicrobial Floor & Wall Systems brochure today, then give us a call at 866-361-3331 or tell us about your flooring on our convenient online form.

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