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Customer expectations are continuously rising, and everyone seems to be scrambling to get their last minute industrial floor work completed by year end. There can be many reasons for this, including scheduled plant shutdowns, or capital budgets that may need to be spent.

There are many parties involved in the planning and implementation of these projects and any delay by any party can result in major problems.  Working with partners that can get you the correct product recommendation and can supply the product when needed is essential.

There are several key steps in making sure that Protective Industrial Polymers’ industrial floor products arrive on the jobsite accurately and on time.

The Purchase Order:  This seems like a pretty straight forward process, but when dealing with different floor finishes, and different ways to achieve the correct textures, it is imperative to make sure everything is checked for accuracy before anything begins to be packaged and arranged on a pallet.  Not only the correct products need to be confirmed, but the ship to address, and delivery time, is crucial.

Product Packing and Loading: With the many different liquid resins and hardeners in Protective Industrial Polymers’ product line, it is essential that very special attention is placed on the pick list to ensure the proper products are being shipped and properly secured to make sure it arrives on the site safely and without damage.


Transportation Placards. Source: Wikimedia

Proper Paperwork for Freight Pickup: Once the product is safely added to the skid, the proper paperwork must be produced and presented to the freight handler that is picking up the material.  Because polymer coating products are corrosive liquids, proper material classification must be presented to the freight carrier, along with any necessary Safety Data Sheets and transportation placard information must be detailed.  There are also other details that must be added to the Bill of Lading including:

  • If a lift gate is needed for delivery
  • Special temperature storage (Protect from Freezing) & transport requirements
  • Special or designated delivery time frames (Guaranteed Deliveries)
  • Residential delivery
  • Construction site delivery
  • Contact names to make sure the delivering terminal can make arrangements for delivery

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