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In general, no news is good news when it comes to material shipments, especially when time constraints are present to complete industrial floor coating work.  When you do not hear anything about a shipment, this typically means that everything was delivered on time and intact.

industrial-floor-delivered-1Shipping of freight is a multi-billion dollar industry and is based on the movement of products by commercial carriers. The freight pickups can range from small parcel or package quantities (Fed Ex or UPS) up to 42,000 lb. shipments (Full Dedicated Truckloads).  The majority of shipments for a typical polymer floor coating project ship as a Less Than Truckload (LTL) designation.  Less than Truckload (LTL) is a lot like it sounds.  A Less Than Truckload shipment usually will take up less than 12 square feet of truck space.  That is equivalent to six standard-sized pallets, stacked side by side, and not on top of each other.

Unlike expedited and full truckload pickups, LTL shipments are directed to freight terminals.  These freight terminals are hubs operated by freight carriers.  The freight is transported from terminal to terminal, until it reaches its final terminal, and then is delivered to its final location.  The pickup location is always called the shipper, and the delivery address is called the consignee.

There are several important factors that determine cost of a shipment:

1) The total weight of a shipment

2) The items freight class (Determined by either a NMFC number, or by its density)

3) The pickup location address.

4) The delivery location address.

Proper Planning Can Make A Difference


Proper Planning Can Make or Break Your Floor Coating Project

A good rule of thumb when it comes to shipping is to always make sure you try to give yourself a day or two buffer to insure your industrial floor coating products arrive on site, so the project can get started on time.  There are many obstacles, including inclement weather, road construction and truck mechanical issues that can cause a delayed shipment.

Large flooring projects involve careful scheduling around other trades, as well as a large labor crew. Ensuring that the flooring materials are on-site, offloaded and delivered to the correct staging area can save a lot of headache and help keep your flooring project running smoothly and within your time constraints.

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